16 types of mandated reporters

Must Act?
May Act?

Pennsylvania law outlines specific categories of adults legally required to report suspected child abuse including:

  1. Licensed or certified health & health-related professionals
  2. A medical examiner, coroner or funeral director
  3. Health care employees (e.g., hospital staff, staff in a private medical practice)
  4. Early childhood providers (e.g., child care, Head Start)
  5. School employees and contractors
  6. A clergyman, priest, rabbi, minister, and other religious leaders
  7. CERTAIN Volunteers in a program, activity or service
    (e.g., Boy/Girl Scouts, youth sports programs, Sunday School Teacher)
  8. Social services agency employees having direct contact with children
    (e.g., early intervention, juvenile justice, mental health)
  9. A peace officer or law enforcement official
  10. An emergency medical services (EMS) provider
  11. Public library staff having direct contact with children
  12. An individual supervised or managed by any of the mandated reporters listed above.
  13. An independent contractor.
  14. Certain attorneys affiliated with schools or organizations directly responsible for children
  15. A Foster Parent
  16. Adult family members responsible for a child living in a community for home for individuals with an intellectual disability

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to report suspected child abuse and neglect.

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