A child behind every number …

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“If you don’t protect me, who will?”

A child behind every number*

158,131 Calls answered by ChildLine in 2014
  29,273 Child abuse investigations
  47,854 General Protective Services Referrals
  7,397 Law Enforcement Only Reports
29,273 Child Abuse and Neglect Reports Triggering an Investigation in 2014
  11 Out of every 1,000 PA children were the subject of an investigation
  9% Increase in the number of investigations over 2013
  76% Or 22,253 substantiated reports made by a mandated reporter
3,340 Reports substantiated as CAN after investigation in 2014
  79% made by a mandated reporter
  65% Involved a Girl
  35% Involved a Boy
  7.2% Involved a child who had been abused before
3,326 Unduplicated Child Abuse and Neglect Victims in 2014
  1 Out of every 1,000 PA children was a victim of child abuse
  2,186 Victims were girls
  1,154 Victims were boys

2014 Annual Child Abuse Report published
by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services
To report suspected child abuse, contact CHILDLINE at