Statistics: What the Numbers Tell Us

WHY PA kids need YOU?

Statistics: What the Numbers Tell Us

3,280 PA children were victims of child abuse (approximately 1 in 1,000 children)

26,944 reports of suspected child abuse were investigated in PA during 2013
(approximately 9 per 1,000 children)

→ 9,273 of these reports were sent to law enforcement due to a possible crime against the child

→ 3,425 reports (< than 13%) were later substantiated as child abuse or neglect by children and youth officials.

  • 2,281 (approximately 67%) of these reports involved girls
  • 1,144 or about 1/3 of these reports involved boys
  • 9% of these reports involved a child who had been abused before
  • 4% of the substantiated reports involved a child that was abused in a child care setting.
  • 3,941 perpetrators were involved in these reports, 11% of these perpetrators had been named as a perpetrator in at least one other substantiated report of child abuse

“If you don’t protect me, who will?”

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