What is Child Abuse in PA? Serious Mental Injury

What is Child Abuse in PA

What is Child Abuse in PA?
Serious Mental Injury – Causing or substantially contributing to serious mental injury to a child through any act or failure to act.

A psychological condition (diagnosed by a physician or licensed psychologist) that:

(1) renders a child chronically and severely anxious, agitated, depressed, socially withdrawn, psychotic or in reasonable fear that their life or safety is threatened; or

(2) seriously interferes with a child’s ability to accomplish age-appropriate developmental and social tasks.

Other types of abuse…

  1. Bodily injury
  2. Sexual Abuse or Exploitation
  3. Neglect
  4. Per Se (e.g., actions that endanger a child but might not lead to a physical injury)
  5. Harmful exaggeration or misrepresentation of a child’s medical condition
  6. Causing the death of the child
To report suspected child abuse, contact CHILDLINE at