What is Child Abuse in PA? Neglect

What is Child Abuse in PA

What is Child Abuse in PA?
Neglect –
Causing serious physical neglect of a child.

Serious physical neglect includes any of the following when it endangers a child’s life or health, threatens a child’s well-being, causes bodily injury or impairs a child’s health, development or functioning:

(1) A repeated, prolonged or egregious failure to supervise a child in a manner that is appropriate considering the child’s developmental age and abilities.

(2) The failure to provide a child with adequate essentials of life, including food, shelter or medical care.

Other types of abuse…

  1. Bodily injury
  2. Sexual Abuse or Exploitation
  3. Serious Mental Injury
  4. Per Se (e.g., actions that endanger a child but might not lead to a physical injury)
  5. Harmful exaggeration or misrepresentation of a child’s medical condition
  6. Causing the death of the child
To report suspected child abuse, contact CHILDLINE at